Fragility studies, landscape usage potential and touristic carrying capacity of Aggeo Pio Sobrinho Park- Belo Horizonte - MG

24 th . International Cartographic Conference, 2009, Chile. Conference Proceedings - 24th International Cartographic Conference . Santiago: International Cartographic Association, 2009. p.1 – 9. – Ano 2009

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We present a composition of the fragility landscape study versus the potential usage and the analysis of the touristic carrying capacity, having the Aggeo Pio Sobrinho park as object of studies. We have spatially characterized the park in order to have the planning of the public use. We developed a Geographic Information System, analyzing the carrying capacity of the tracks and, consequently, we found out a new tourism planning method that would be able to be applied in other parks or natural reserves. We developed a use hazard risk map of Aggeo Pio Sobrinho so as its influence area and determined the recommended number of visitors per day at the park tracks through crossing layered mapped areas, such as insolation, declivity, water accumulation, vegetation and erodibility. We indicated points that can be adapted and simulated to alter the results throughout research. We also indicated areas likely to develop activities for visitors.

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  • Prof. Ana Clara Mourão Moura
    Prof. Ana Clara Mourão Moura
  • Júnia Lúcio de Castro Borges
    Júnia Lúcio de Castro Borges
    Ex-Bolsista de Doutorado