Geotechnology in the incorporation of the new look of the landscape

24th International Cartographic Conference, 2009, Santiago . Conference Proceedings - 24th International Cartographic Conference . Santiago : International Cartographic Association, 2009. p.1 – 10. – Ano 2009

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This work is a collection for the Quadrilátero Ferrífero (QF), generated through the techniques of geoprocessing. The QF was chosen because it is a significant cultural heritage, landscape reference of Minas Gerais, and has several other sums that this region is, not only to the state, but also for the whole Brazil. The region is already been used like a laboratory of practices in the majors of geography, geology, engineerings, architecture and others of Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and for researches and scientists' studies of the whole world. So, at first, the idea is to spread the collection of QF's digital cartography in the scientific community of UFMG, due to the easiness of communication with this group and due to the advantages that this one will provide for this public. Subsequently it is interesting that the collection spreads through other communities. The purpose is to provide the spread and availability of new technologies of digital mapping, with emphasis on the degree of communication products generated in the attempt to bring the perception of space and space represented to the real area, at the same time that awakens a new look to the landscape of the QF. Encouraging this new look at the landscape becomes necessary for there to be changes in the way of action and interfere in space. Before any intervention, need to knowledge. Once the digital mapping plays an important role in the face of this new look, since it is a feature that allows represent, interpret and contemplate the space by various forms. The resources of geoprocessing are technological important tools for the characterization of spaces. What justified in the present work, the usage of them for the composition of a rich base of data on Quadrilátero Ferrífero. The collection of the QF region will consist of the next elements: Map of the main roads / highways, paved and not paved; Map of the main dams; Map of the main hills; Map of the geological aspects; Map of the hydrospelling; Map of the municipal divisions with its main headquarters; Map with the urbane stains; virtual navigation of several notable points (main mountain ranges and landmarks referential systems); Images 3D of the MDE of the QF, of several sights; Movie of the MDE; Set of current photos on the scenery of the QF; ancient Drawings carried out by explorers on points referential systems of the QF; The archive of the MDE in the extension MXD; The present article, like conceptual basis. The relevance of the collection consists in the fact that it was well-founded in the reflections about the search results that we have recently developed, which aims to optimize theresources of digital cartographic and topographic epresentations, from the spatial perception of the user. The preparation of the Collection for the Quadrilátero Ferrífero, through techniques of the geoprocessing, became a challenge in the application of a new glance in mapping, which involves the very and appropriate recognition of what its scenery represents like cultural value for its people, and in the diffusion of a product that has a better interface with its user. It is hoped to have contributed with this work, for the diffusion and improvement of the representative cartographical/topographical techniques produced through the geoprocessing, besides providing the necessary stimulus to wake a new look for the topographical scenery of QF, in such a way that this one is better understood and consequently better preserved.

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  • Prof. Ana Clara Mourão Moura
    Prof. Ana Clara Mourão Moura
  • Débora Veridiana Brier Leite
    Débora Veridiana Brier Leite
    Ex-Bolsista IC CNPq