Modeling of communication in WebGIS for dissemination of spatial data and promotion of spatial analysis

24th International Cartographic Conference, 2009, Santiago . Conference Proceedings - 24th International Cartographic Conference . Santiago : International Cartographic Association, 2009. p.1 – 10. – Ano 2009

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This work aims to support the dissemination of geographic information through a system that is available on the World Wide Web. As we are talking about the dissemination of information, it is interesting that the largest group of people have access to that system. In order to have human-computer interaction, it is necessary to use interfaces and interactivity. For this system to be accessible and interactive, he must be able to be communicative in the sense of having elements that decode the language specialist -> end user. Thus, to achieve the system development, this paper makes a review of the processes of communication and interactive human-computer, a review of accessibility, interaction and communicability to be able to achieve the application goal. In the sequence, it is possible to understand the steps taken to create the software. Once studied communicational phenomena, the application is modeled with data from Brazil and Italy. With the prototype we could make test for functionality, usability and multi-access to verify the theory of human-computer interaction really achieved a large group of users.

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  • Prof. Ana Clara Mourão Moura
    Prof. Ana Clara Mourão Moura
  • Sheyla Aguilar de Santana
    Sheyla Aguilar de Santana
    Ex-aluna Doutorado