Neighborhood Impact Studies of a hospital installation at Jardim Teresópolis Betim - MG.

Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Informatics and Urban and Regional Planning INPUT 2012 p. 2136-2148 Milano: Franco Angeli. – Ano 2012

Autores desta publicação

  • FREIRE, Gerson J. M.
  • Ferreira, Fernanda Costa – Fernanda Costa Ferreira - Ex-Bolsista Projeto Ministério Cidades
  • Saliba, Lucas.

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Abstract (english text)

This paper presents Neighborhood Impact Studies (NIS) as a form of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (in which the analyses focus on a new project’s Direct Influence Area), in such a way that the NIS is intended to act as a tool for urban management actions. We present the case study of Teresópolis Hospital, which is to be created at the Jardim Teresópolis informal settlement, at the city of Betim, Brazil. In this study, the preliminary impact investigations, presented in the urban and environmental diagnostic report, associated the project to basic environmental characteristics of the threated area. Finally, we briefly evaluate the project’s impact on its surroundings, in terms of positive and negative effects.

Autores do laboratório

  • Fernanda Costa Ferreira
    Fernanda Costa Ferreira
    Ex-Bolsista Projeto Ministério Cidades