The use of geoprocessing as a means of information concerning urban planned landscapes

Anais do 5th International Seminar on Environmental Planning and Management 2012 p.1-15 Brasília: Urbenviron e UnB – Ano 2012

Autores desta publicação

  • ZYNGIER, Camila M.
  • MOURA, Ana Clara M. – Prof. Ana Clara Mourão Moura - COORDENADORA
  • Palavras-chave: geoprocessing; landscape management; urban parameters communication

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Abstract (english text)

The main purpose of this research is the reflection on the meansKEYWORDS: available today for the interpretation of “possible landscapes”, understanding those as the result from interventions guided by urban regulatory applications. The methodology is based on instruments provided by geoprocessing. The methodological script is based on the selection of areas related to conflicts and which are suffering great urban changings. After selecting the areas the Spatial Analysis was applied in order to understand the values and the existing landscapes. Concerning the results the methodology was well evaluated and is considered to be applicable to diverse situations. It can represent a gain concerning knowledge and performance in urban landscape planning processes. The development of the applied methodology can be an interesting tool to give visibility to the public administration and promote community involvement.

Autores do laboratório

  • Prof. Ana Clara Mourão Moura
    Prof. Ana Clara Mourão Moura