Geodesign and the future of landscape and urban planning

DisegnareCon – Ano 2018

Autores desta publicação

  • Carl Steinitz
  • Rafael Lemieszek Pinheiro
  • Palavras-chave: Geodesign; territorial planning; urban planning; landscape planning

Resumo da publicação

STEINITZ, Carl; PINHEIRO, Rafael L. Geodesign and the future of landscape and urban planning. DisegnareCon, v.11, n.20, 2018. p. A1-A6.

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Abstract (english text)

In December 2017 Prof. Carl Steinitz visited Brazil, with the support of IEAT/UFMG – Institute of Advanced Transdisciplinary Studies, Federal University of Minas Gerais - to the International Visitor Chairs Program. At that time, he coordinated important meetings with the students, professors and researchers, highlighting the participation in “Geodesign South America 2017”. As part of his activities in Brazil, an interview was registered, and can be watched on youtube channel of Geoprocessing Laboratory from the School of Architecture, Federal University of Minas Gerais:
We invited the Architect Rafael Lemieszek Pinheiro, representing the group of PhD candidates, to conduct the interview.